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Henry says that Christmas is the worst.  He goes back in time to an important Christmas.

The other Henrys watch as young Henry and his mom get hit by a car. Young Henry time travels out of the car and replays the scene. Henry has traveled back and tried to save his mom many times.

Young Claire and Henry are playing checkers. She checks him why he is sad, but he won't open up until a green man brings a banana latte. She calls him an asshole.

Claire calls 28-year-old Henry the same thing on their second date since she thinks he flirted with another girl. He wants a laidback lunch date.

Claire asks if they can fight this destined relationship, and he says everything is planned, right down to where they have lunch. The green man with a banana latte arrives and spooks Claire.

Claire thinks this Henry is hot, but she struggles with connecting with him, so she asks him what makes him sad.

When his mom's name comes up, she realizes his mom is dead. Henry takes her for a walk. They see his parents in the past with baby Henry.

Henry talks about his training. We see him with young Henry stealing money from adults in the park and museum. Young Henry also thinks he's an asshole.

The kid wants to prove Henry doesn't control him and he can get to his mom when he wants to. His mom doesn't believe in time travel.

Henry and Claire visit the library and listen to tapes of his mom singing. He says he's afraid to love for fear of losing someone.

Henry's mom has a message for Claire about love.




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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Henry: This is how relationships work.
Clare: Who said this was a relationship?
Henry: The future said so. You don’t get a choice.

Young Clare: You look sad. Why are you sad?
Henry: You know what’s good about being sad? Happy people are all the same, but sad people are all different.