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Darcy and Stephen are doing a drill, but he breaks too many rules and it gets him in trouble. Jedikiah is also getting in trouble, this time with his superiors over the amount of paranormals that have gotten away from him recently.
Back in the human world, Stephen asks Astrid to go with him to a dance and she finally says yes, even though she knows he's still not telling the truth about the train incident. 
Underground, Cara tells Stephen that he needs to be there when a paranormal is given serum because they need a sample to give to their genetics expert, Irene, so she can find an antidote for the stuff. 
Kurt gets caught by John after going to see his parents again and starts a whole ruckus within the paranormal community. It seems that none of them understand why they have to hide in caves why Stephen gets to go play in the human world. John has to keep everyone under control and tells them it's for their own good and that they need to hold onto the hope that Stephen's father will get back into contact with them someday and lead them to Refuge. 
Back at Ultra, Jedikiah tells Stephen he wants to take him to "headquarters" to meet the higher ups, the same people who ordered Stephen's father killed. Meanwhile, Cara decides she wants everyone to get out for the night and go to a party. John says no and they decide to "jaunt" (aka fight) over it and Cara wins. 
While everyone gets ready to go to the party, Jedikiah calls Stephen and blindfolds him before taking him to the mysterious headquarters. He then sends Stephen in alone and tells him to just be honest and he'll be fine. Stephen is greeted by a paranormal who won't meet him face to face. This person informs him that his dad's death was unfortunate and wants to see if Stephen is like his father. The paranormal tries to get into Stephen's mind to see what he's hiding. 
John refuses to go to the party, but eventually relents and shows up in the suit that Cara stole for him. On he dance floor Cara asks why he's the only one she can't read and he claims he just wants them to be like a real couple to be a real couple. 
Stephen is getting ready to pick up Astrid when Jedikiah calls him to work. Astrid sees John getting in the car with Jedikiah and she follows them. At the party, Cara suddenly realizes their powers aren't working and John discovers there are D chips everywhere. That's when Stephen realizes that Jedikiah brought him to the party and the whole thing was a set up. 
Stephen fights the D chips and is able to break down the doors to help the paranormals out. Irene is wounded badly and three more die before they can escape. On the way out, one of Jedikiah's men nearly kills them but John picks up a gun and kills the other guy first. Cara is shocked to find out what John can do. 
Back in the case, John doesn't want to break protocol, not even to save Irene, but Stephen jumps with her to a hospital. Cara and John talk about what he did and he admits he was once a part of the Annex project. Cara isn't so much mad at that as she is that he kept it a secret. 
Cara begins searching everyone's minds to see how betrayed them when Kurt admits it was him. Ultra threatened his mother. John may be able to kill, but Cara isn't too shy about hurting people herself and she injects him with the serum to take away his powers. 
When everything is over, Stephen arrives home to find Astrid waiting for him. She asks again for him to tell her the truth and finally he decides to show her his secret by jumping with her across the city. 
The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live?


Astrid: What happened to your face?
Stephen: A girl punched me.
Astrid: Wow, she beat me to it.