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Despite the disaster that happened last week when they went topside, Russell and Stephen decide go to a pool hall and discover a new breakout named Piper, who gives them both a beat down before escaping. g

When they get back underground, both guys are given a verbal lashing by Cara and John that is interrupted by Tim announcing that Russell's father has just died. Russell and his pop weren't close, in fact his dad used to make him practice 6 hours a day on piano, but he still wants to go to the funeral. John agrees to let him go, but on one condition: John must go too, in order to guide Russell through the long-distance leaps it will take to travel that far. 

Before leaving, John admits to Cara that he's afraid that everyone will find out that he killed, that Jedikiah warped him, and his people won't be able to look up to him. Cara doesn't really care that he killed, she's just not happy about the whole lying thing. 


Stephen's partner discovers that Astrid followed him to their last assignment. Says she'll keep it from Jedikiah for now. 

Russell says his father was a tyrant who made him practice 6 hours a day on piano. John wonders why they're going to the funeral then. 

Another breakout is using his skills to cheat at poker. The other players don't appreciate it. 

Cara and Stephen go looking for Piper back at the same pool hall. They find Piper but she jumps when Ultra comes and Stephen kisses Cara in order to keep them hidden. 

Jedikiah sees SOMEONE making a jump. 

Russell escapes while John is sleeping and goes off to a bar to get drunk and make an idiot of himself. 



The Tomorrow People
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