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Five travels to 1982 Wisconsin to fulfill his mission of taking out AJ and the rest of the board. After, he tells The Handler he’s done with killing. Per their agreement, she gives him a briefcase to get him and his siblings back to 2019, but within 90 minutes.

Kennedy’s office reached out to Raymond’s people after their sit-in got his attention.

Diego thinks Elliott must’ve been too close to the truth and the government killed him. They thought the message “Oga for oga” was a name until Five shows up and tells them it's Swedish for "an eye for an eye."

The Handler assumes control of The Commission and promotes Lila to head of security.

When Diego wants to say goodbye to Lila before leaving, Five drops the bomb she was a spy all along.

Klaus agrees to Ben's possession with rules. Ben spends time with Jill. Diego shows up and tells him they have to leave. He and Ben have a short reunion.

Carl threatens Harlan if Vanya doesn't leave.

Luther tells Allison they have to leave, but she’s reluctant to lose everyone again.

Five and Vanya butt heads over whether she should bring Sissy and Harlan with her back to 2019. She doesn't listen and warns Sissy Carl knows about them and wants to send Harlan away to an institution. They leave, but Sissy leaves a goodbye note and they're stopped by a police barricade on their way out.

Lila finds Diego while he was digging a grave for Elliott and she drugs him, takes him back to The Commission, and introduces him as her boyfriend.

The Swedes show up at Allison and Raymond’s. Allison rumored their way out.

Time ran out on the briefcase before everyone made it.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Klaus, the way you feel right now is the way I feel every day. All I do is watch you make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. Welcome to powerlessness.


You know, some say the best luck is to die at the right time.