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Wade is taking kids home from soccer game.

Wade is on another date. They're talking about Survivor and he was no idea what she's talking about. But she starts laughing. He's not into her.

Wade is at another soccer game talking about the date with Forrest and Ben.

He talks to Michelle and Delia. There's a controversy with Grace buying stuff. He cancels her phone data.

Wade is on a second date. It still doesn't go well. Now, he realizes he shouldn't have gone on the date. Lizzie texts him that he wants to see him again.

Lizzie keeps texting him and wants to friend him in FB. And so he does and she won't stop. He doesn't know how to stop interacting with her.

Wade complains to Forrest and Ben about how to shake Lizzie.

Forrest and Deila talk about dating. Michelle and Ben do the same thing.

Michelle wants Meg to talk to Wade about the dating game.

Meg gives Wade advice. Then he finds out how much trouble he is in.

Delia talks to her daughter about boys.

Wade and Grace talk about being normal.

He practices breaking up with Lizzie with the gang.

He breaks up with her via text. She takes it okay.



The Unicorn
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The Unicorn Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Michelle: I'm not nice. Delia's not nice.
Delia: I'm nice.

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I had no idea dating would be so complicated.