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Wade is looking through his freezer for something to eat. It's filled with food that people sent over after his wife died. 

His friends ask if he wants to go to dinner, but he declines. Della comments on the dogs on the counter but no one cares. She and Forrest are even more concerned for Wade and the kids.

Wade is referring when Tracy comes over and talks to him inviting him out but he doesn't get it that she's hitting on him.

Ben and Michelle talks about what Wade is doing not understanding him.

Michelle talks to Deilia about Wade's situation.

Deilia talks to Forrest about Tracy later. And then talks to Ben about it and what they can do. He tells his plan to Michelle. They want to have an intervention for Wade.

Wade goes through his life. It's monotonous. Work, cook, take care of the kids. He finally runs out of food and doesn't know what to do. He's upset at the final meal which reminds him about his dad.

His friends come over and he tells them how his wife's death feels real. They try to convince him to start dating. He's worried about the girls. They tell him to lie to them. He doesn't want to.

He talks to them about dating and they're totally into it but they don't want him to replace mom. Natalie is more upset than Grace. She fullyl supports him.

He fills out an online dating profile with the help of his friends. He starts getting responses almost immediately.

Wade gets ready for his first date and it turns into a disaster. The woman wants to sleep with him and he's all excited but then backs out. He's still not completely ready.

When he gets home he finds Grace is with a boyfriend and Natalie is happy the date didn't turn out.

At a picnic he realizes Tracy likes him and tries to decide what to do.


The Unicorn
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The Unicorn Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Stop judging me. You have one kid and compared to four kids, one kid is like having no kids.


Are you girls good with brownies for dinner?