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Tara wakes up and notices that Max is beat up. He tells her that Buck did it and Tara reassures him that she forgave him.

Kate figures out she needs a LBD for a luncheon date she has with her boyfriend Zack.  She realizes when she gets there that she is overly dressed up.  When they get back to her parents house, Zack offers to buy her a place to live on her own.

Lionel comes over and tells Marshall that the sex he had with the random guy was the most romantic encounter he has ever had.  Then later admits that he was lying and they end up making out. Marshall realizes that he loves Lionel.

Charmaine goes with Tara to meet Mimi. When they get there the house is identical to the mini house she made. Mimi tells them that she wasn’t their babysitter, but she used to run a foster home.  Duane comes and Tara alters into T. She tries to say that Duane did something to her.  Tara then alters into chicken - a five year old version of herself.

Max shows up and takes Tara to the car. Mimi tells Charmine that the foster children that she helped came from really troubled families. Max, Tara and Chicken are out to dinner when Chicken alters back into Tara.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Kate plus eight goes on a date.


I meant what I said when I forgive you for what happened.