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Max takes issue this week with Marshall's film, as it depicts him as someone too weak to really follow his dreams. It makes Max looks like he's just sticking around his family out of duty and not even acknowledging the true insanity that is his wife.

Elsewhere, Charmaine is introduced to Abby's friends at the park. They drink. A lot.

But the crux of the half hour involves Tara and Hatteras. The head of the psych department makes it clear to the latter that he must get himself extricated from this situation. Tara isn't really a patient and a lawsuit could easily be filed if anything goes wrong.

But Hatteras can't turn Tara away, especially after she turns into Bryce again and burns Shoshannah's book, thereby killing that alter. Hatteras later sees Tara stabbing Gimme's raincoat, as this alter states: "Three down, three to go." Then, it will be just him/her and Tara. When Tara comes back, Hatteras tries to calm her down by saying Bryce will be the easiest to defeat.

Really, though?!? At dinner that night, it's Charmaine, Kate, Tara and Hatteras. Taking one bite of the stew, the doctor starts to choke because crab is in it. He had told Tara this before. Enter Bryce again. He introduces himself to Charmaine and Kate and taunts Hatteras as an ambulance is called.

The result is Hatteras agreeing to end his relationship with Tara and recommending a doctor for her in Boston. The installment ends with him telling her she converted him into a DID believer.

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