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The teens continue their mission, but Iris almost gets killed by a walker. 

The teens seek shelter in a treehouse, but Hope tries to kill the walker down below, and almost dies in the process. 

They arrive at a tyre facility with little to go on and realize they can't escape if they're dead. 

Iris makes a plan to sneak through, but Hope is unimpressed about it. 

Things take a turn when Felix tells Huck about his past. 

He says that his parents shunned him when they learned he was gay. 

They find a walker that is different to anything they've ever encountered before. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond
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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Felix: I mean, he was risking the whole alliance by sending those. The Civic Republic doesn't play.
Huck: You really think he may be in some kind of trouble? That Will is? None of his messages said the CR were bad people. Just saying.
Felix: Maybe the facility is in trouble, maybe their whole community is. I don't know.
Huck: Say what you will.
Felix: What, that they are bunch of black wearing paranoids, light years ahead of us in manufacturing fuel and chicory.

Huck: Say what you will, but they handle their shit. You sure they headed East?
Felix: This road's a straight shot, and you know what's Eat.
Huck: It's a funnel. It will stop them. The second they catch sight of it, they'll be glad they still have a home to go back to.