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The gang is split up, sent in separate directions.

Maggie, Rosita, Gabriel escape and embark on missions to unite everyone.

Daryl and Carol have their car and try to take out Commonwealth soldiers at every turn.

Maggie is pursued by a kid zombie and can't bring herself to kill him, while everyone makes their way through their new normal.

Connie is sent to Designation 2 and someone tells Daryl and Carol that means she'll never be seen again.

They try to figure out whether to find the kids or Connie, but ultimately they find themselves chasing a train that has Connie on it.

Rosita harms her shoulder while trying to run off from the soldiers. Gabriel puts it back in.

Negan joins forces with Eugene to try to save each other, but Annie is sent somewhere else, which causes a lot of friction.

Three people try to escape and they are killed by the soldiers.

There's a lot of back and forth but Maggie, Rosita, Gabriel, Carol, Daryl, and Connie are united by the episode's end and Rosita lies that she was attacked and taken away from her group.

Someone on the radio says that she needs to get to Outpost 22 where the rest of the survivors will be housed there as prisoners.

Maggie says that it's time to give Pamela a taste of her own medicine and that she's ready to show her that she shouldn't have messed with them.

The final shot is Outpost 22, which is Alexandria with Commonwealth soldiers.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

They just ripped him away from me. I wasn't strong enough.


Trooper 207 from Outpost 41 checking in. No sign of 525 or the escapees. Over.

Trooper 207