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Port Haven, New Brunswick, 1814

A young girl in her nightgown is being chased through the woods by men with lanterns.

She comes to a lake, says a prayer, and jumps in.

Minneapolis. Present Day.

It's a school talent show. A girl waits in the wings while a young boy plays guitar. She looks nervous. Alice Dewan is up next. She's got a guitar, too.

She runs off the stage while the boy says something mean, so Alice pulls the fire alarm and escapes.

Her parents are asking questions, but this is Alice's last strike. She's out.

The parents obvioulsy went through a bitter divorce and snark at each other. Dad wants to know why Kat wasn't there. She was getting fired.

She doesn't have family money to fall back on, but the ex says he'll help. She's not interested. Dad is moving in with his girlfriend, Rachel.

Alice is having a rager when they get back to the house. This girl is a problem child. Dad leaves Kat behind to deal with it on her own.

Kat doesn't want Alice to make the same mistakes she did as a young girl. Other than being fired, she seems successful.

In the mail is a letter from Kat's mom asking her to come home. It's time to reconnect. Kat calls her mom.

Kat grew up in Canada but has been away for 20 years, something Alice doesn't fail to throw in her face.

Del Landry walks right past her daughter to embrace Alice, welcoming her to Landry Farm. Kat knows the lay of the land. Not much has changed in 20 years.

Inside, Kat is overcome with memories of her youth.

Del came from the Carolinas, but the Landry Farm has been in the family for generations. Del shares the story with Alice, who remains her sullen self.

Del says Landry women need to stay busy, and when Kat says she hopes to write a book, Alice says she'll only attend school online. Del taunts her into agreeing to attend in person.

Kat tells Del she's set Alice up in her old room, and Alice is Jacob's, and a look of concern falls over Del's face.

Kat talks about her marriage to Braden falling apart, but Del isn't surprised. Young love is either forever or falls apart.

When Kat tells Del how lovely her letter was, Del says she didn't send it. Del walks off with a look on her face. Perhaps, she's suffering from dementia.

In Jacob's room, Kat remembers raising her brother up to put stars on the ceiling. They're still there. Close to tears, she rolls over.

Alice lets Finn out in her pajamas to find high school kids doing community service. Del laughs. That'll teach her not to get dressed first thing in the morning.

Kat makes a call to someone she met in the past, but he's not interested in a book anymore.

Outside, Del is laying into Elliott Augustine about mailing the letter to Kat. He has no idea what she's talking about. He's getting divorced, too.

Spencer from the farm is there to greet Alice. He and his girlfriend have already heard rumors about Alice, such as she set the school on fire.

Kat calls Brady, angry that he turned down Alice so quickly but relieved to learn he did so out of solidarity with her. He knows she needs Alice to be there. Alice relays how Del has removed all evidence of her dad and Jacob. The house, which was once so full of music and laughter is much different now.

Kat needs to know why her family was erased. Del says she's moved on, and so should Kat. She knows Kat is floundering. Kat says she's floundering because Del erased her touchstones.

Alice has a class with Elliott. He's very kind. She's going to need kindness. The kids are already standing next to fire alarms and feigning feeling heat.

More memories swarm Kat in the basement, as she recalls Jacob helping her dad. Del interrupts. Alice is skipping school.

She's in a local coffee shop watching a video of her 13th birthday in which she got her mom's bracelet with K&B inscribed on it.

Alice wants to move in with Brady, so Kat has to tell her about Rachel. It means that their marriage is over, and Alice has been clinging to hope.

After running into the woods, Alice removes the bracelet and tosses it into the 1814 pond. Once she's done it, she regrets it, hoping to retrieve it. She falls into the water and struggles to right herself. Something is pulling her down, but somene else pulls her up. It's Katherine Landry.

Kat is chatting with Elliott about Alice and her hopes to bring Alice back by moving here, but maybe it was a selfish decision.

A very wet Alice is walking with Kat near the barn. She meets Elliott, too. They were best friends, but it's likely more than that for Elliott. Then she meets Kat's dad, Colton. He's warm and welcoming.

It's 1999.

Then Kat meets her grandmother and uncle Jacob. She's serving the same roast chicken that Alice got for her first meal on Landry Farm.

It's the first time that Alice isn't miserable.

In the present, Del says Alice will be fine, but Kat reminds her that Jacob wasn't. She should have never brought Alice here.

In 1999 Colton is playing guitar and singing at the table while they do dishes. Alice sings along, surprising Del and Kat. The guitar she has looks a lot like that, she says. She prepares to say goodbye, telling Jacob to take care of himself. She makes it seem like she'll never see them again, but are we so sure?

Outside, she watches through the window. Maybe she's finally understanding the family she left behind.

Apparently, Alice has run off before, so Kat isn't as upset as she could be. She leaves Alice a message. She was right. It was a mistake to come here, but they can figure it out together.

Kat opens the time capsule Jacob buried, and inside is a photo of her and Alice from the day Alice visited.

Alice is in the barn. She tells Elliott that he once told her that he would help her any place, any time. She needs his help.

Elliott is by the pond. He knows Alice will be back.


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That's the thing about young love. You either grow together, or you grow apart.


Hey, it's you. I barely recognized you without your bunny slippers.