Mother-Daughter Face Off - The Way Home
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Kat is still trying to reach Alice. Alice is still in the past.

Kat is hyperventilating. She is talking with Brady. She can't do this again, she says, but he assures her this isn't the same thing. Alice is fine.

Del is talking with the sheriff while she looks over a cliff near the water. She's considering the worst.

Elliott doesn't believe Alice, and he struggles believing that 'that guy' becomes president. She has taken them to the pond. Elliott wonders if he's her dad. Ew, she says. He's just her science teacher.

Alice tries returning by jumping into the pond. When she doesn't come up quickly, Elliott goes in after her. He cannot find her.

In the present, Elliott is watching for her, and indeed, Alice is running through a field, possibly on her way home.

Kat recalls her dad comforting her when they were looking for Jacob. A Landry never gives up hope. Alice is in her bedroom, and Kat is so happy. Alice tries to explain, but it goes terribly. She thinks everything is going to be OK. Kat blames Alice, and Alice wonders what happened to her.

Del gets home and, upon hearing their argument, breathes a heavy sigh of relief.

Everyone is talking about Alice behind her back again. Running away is so much better than arson, Zoey says. Spencer shows Alice a photo of his mom and hers when they were teens.

Del's neighbor is worried about her. She's done some good healing, but that could all be out the window. She's doing something this weekend, but she doesn't go into detail.

Kat is revisiting the old photo when Brady calls. He's very happy Alice is OK. When Kat admits maybe they should go home, Brady has news. She's got a book deal if she wants it to write about Jacob and what happened.

She doesn't understand why he's helping her. She's intertwining the book deal with their relationship.

Alice demands she and Elliott talk about last night. Yes, he does know what happened. Alice was named after Alice, but she doesn't understand how her mother doesn't connect the two.

Elliott offers ideas on how they manage her time travel since they know that the amount of time she goes missing is the amount of time she spends there. She's shocked that she goes back.

Del finds Kat in Jacob's box of things. Kat just wants her to sit there and remember with her. But Del pulls the mom card, suggesting she make herself useful while she figures out her life.

Kat takes some of Del's honey to the local coffee shop, running into Monica. When Monica brings up someone from their past, Kat can't believe that he made it to the present. Of course, Monica is married to him.

Del set this up as a job interview, but Kat has decided to take the book deal.

Del isn't thrilled to hear about the topic of the book deal, so Alice wants to know what the hell happened to Jacob, and when they won't talk about it, she wonders what the hell happened to them.

Kat and Elliott meet in the barn. He's still there? When Kat leans her head on Elliott's shoulder, his face says everything. She tells him about the photo, which surprises him. She says now, Alice is more like an energy than a person. It's funny how memories are.

Brady calls Alice, but she's not interested in talking, feeling put off by his relationship with Rachel. She leaves her laptop struggling to connect, heads to the pond, and jumps in.

It doesn't work. Elliott tells her it works in mysterious ways, and if she didn't go back, then she needs to stay here for a while.

Rita is already at the farmer's market when Del and Alice get there. Del introduces her to a man named Byron, who runs the local paper and has been here for six years. Alice recognizes the way Del puts her hair behind her ear; Del is interested in Byron.

Kat looks for Alice but finds a note about the market. When Kat gets there, she remembers Colton passing around flyers trying to find Jacob.

Kat and Del get into another argument in which Del assures Kat she didn't ask her to come home.

Alice visits the library archives while Kat visits the cemetery. She finds a man named Danny, but he's reluctant to reconnect. Colton died in 2000 at the age of 43. She tells him about Kat and how much she wishes he had met her. When Kat moves a bouquet of flowers on the grave, she finds Jacob's name has been engraved on the tombstone, as well, saying he died in 1999 at the age of nine. He didn't seem nine.

Alice finds the story about Jacob and that he was with Kat when he went missing. Moments later, Del finds her to take her home. Colton died three months after Jacob disappeared.

Alice and Del get into it again at the house. There is a memorial for Jacob tomorrow, which has been planned. Del wouldn't let her come home.

Elliott finds Kat in the barn. She wonders how he started over. He always had one foot in this town, so it was as if he never left. It seems that Kat ran away.

Alice tells Kat that she wants to stay to get to know her family, even the ones who are gone.

Del remembers Jacob before the memorial. They're beautiful but painful memories.

Kat finds Alice looking through a family heirloom that begins with the farmer's almanac in 1814. It contains all of the information about their family.

The memorial is difficult. The only person who has seen him recently is Alice. How strange. Del lets Jacob go by releasing a single blue balloon into the sky.

Kat tells Brady she won't be writing the book. It's about family, being home, and she hopes she gets to see the best part of her history repeat itself.

Elliott finds Alice at the water. She needs to see Jacob. She barely knows him but misses him terribly. Elliott stands on the side of the pond, waiting.

Del sits in front of the almanac, unable to write Jacob's date of death inside. Kat does it for her, and the two share an embrace.

When Del returns to her room, she pulls a teddy bear out from under her pillow. She hasn't let everything go.

Alice has made it back, with Kat wondering if she seriously fell in that pond again.

The Way Home
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The Way Home Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kat: I went to the cemetery. You officially declared Jacob dead.
Del: It was time. That's why I wrote you the letter. I had gotten his death certificate, and I thought you should know.
Kat: So that's the letter that you say you didn't send.
Del: I didn't! I knew how you would react.
Kat: Because a Landry never gives up hope.
Del: She does if she's the only one left waiting.

Del: I lost my whole world in three months.
Alice: Your whole world except for mom.
Del: I realize you deserve to know what happened, but once you do, we have to be done with it. That is the only way this is gonna work.