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Alice travels back to the past again. Jacob is there, too. Is this an old scene? He was taking polaroids. Oh, that’s a nightmare. Jacob took a photo of Alice and Kat, and Alice can’t see it. Jacob says he’s drowning. She wakes to find her dad knocking on the door. She was reading Alice in Wonderland before bed.

Brady says they can go for a hike, by which he means sitting in a theater stuffing their faces with popcorn. Alice can’t wait. And then she can. She remembers the dream and lies that she’s meeting someone for breakfast. Instead, she jumps in the pond. She gets back there and it’s over a year later. Canada has joined the war on Terror.

Brady considers taking a look at the land lease, and Del hopes that’s not why he came. Things are fine. Then why did Kat have to hear it from Rita? Kat says Del has no idea how much this land means to the Landry family, and Del assures her she does. She was here living on it.

Kat remembers Jacob playing with his friend in the woods. She finds Danny in the barn helping with the farm. He’ll be there part time. Alice wants to talk about Jacob and the polaroids. Danny calls it Jake’s pond. He always wanted to play there.

Elliot is worried about the war and the impact of the towers falling. Alice thought it would be more personal. She initiates the pact and finds out Kat and Brady are home, too.

Present Kat and Brady are at The Point and run into Elliot, who notes Brady has a lot of vacation time. Says the teacher, Brady retorts.

Kat’s pact with Elliot is harder to uphold than she thought. Alice can barely keep up hers in the past with Elliot. She misses Kat, who drives away with Brady before they see each other.

Elliot visits Kat at the paper. He wants to know.

Brady visits Del near the beehives. He knows a lot leases, and sees quickly that Del is making untrue assumptions about her lease and why Brady is interested in helping.

Kat doesn’t understand the pond photos, and Elliot doesn’t either. But what’s really bothering Kat is how Jacob’s name isn’t associated with Port Haven’s founding in any way. She’s worried that something may happen to him that completely erases him from history. She doesn’t think she can survive losing him again.

Before dinner, Kat returns her engagement ring to Brady. They talk about his proposal, during which he essentially invented the flash mob. The photographer’s photos failed though. Kat rushes back to the past hoping to be a part of it. Instead, she arrives during the concert benefit for the first responders etc. Elliot can’t believe she knows so little about any of it. She says her parents told her about it.

Inside, Del says how nice it is to see Kat on the couch again. They haven’t talked, but Brady forced the visit. Alice pulls back. Del says how much people needed this concert to help heal. Del hopes it will help them heal, too, but Brady calls her to the kitchen.

The more things fall apart, the more Brady wants to be the one person Kat can always count on. Elliot hears this and rushes out of the house. He’s crying. He thought he had more time. He can’t believe Alice didn’t tell him that it was happening. It’s official. Surprises are much worse than knowing. He wants to know everything.

Elliot thinks perhaps his father’s nautical interest may lead to a manifest that shows what ship Jacob takes to return to Port Haven after delivering the ship. Elliot’s ancestor is Susana, and he can’t believe Kat met her. Kat admits that Susana did help her even though she didn’t have to, so in that way, he’s a lot like her.

Kat shows him the photo of her portrait. He then admits what he learned about hesitation in the past and wonders if she could live not knowing what happened to Jacob.

Kat is back in the past, and she arrives to gunshots. She finds a group of men around a fire taking. Cyrus condemns rabble rousing and is annoyed they celebrates the demise of their American brothers. Someone is skimming from Cyrus, and Coyle (is that his name?) is determined to find out who because he hates losing.

Susana comes up from behind Kat and pulls her away. She gives her clothing so she can blend in.

Kat wants to know how Susana dressed her wound so that it looked like it never happened. She quotes a poem in celebration of nine herbs that she used on her wound. She’s a healer which is why she’s not necessarily accepted by others, until she needs them. But Jacob could see it.

Kat tells Susana she’s worried and scared and wants to trust her. Kat says she sees magic in the world and tells her about the pond. That’s why Susana and Jacob bonded, over their otherness. Susana believes her, and Kat wonders why the history books are absent of Jacob. Cyrus Goodwin is why.

Kat tells Elliot what she learned and that she didn’t find Jacob this time, but she might have found a sister.

Sam Bishop arrives at Del’s. Brady wants to talk about the lease. Brady is talking about the lease, but Sam’s face is alight as his tastebuds first experience Del’s coffee made with honey instead of sugar. Sam has read the lease, and wants a raisin pastry. Sam is also a lawyer. Del almost giggles. Sam threatens Brady about practicing without a license in Canada, but he’s going to honor the lease.

Noah wonders if Alice is going to sing at the open mic. She’s smitten.

Oh! It’s Elliot who took the photos of the engagement!

Del visits Sam to apologize about how things went down. Del thinks if Sam honors the lease, she’ll be accepting a handout. Sam wonders if maybe he should not have gotten Stormy. Maybe she can board him until he gets his property sorted? He will pay her because he doesn’t accept handouts, either.

The engagement is so bad, but Nick is there, too, so Kat gets to see him again. Kat is like, WTF is happening?

I don’t think Elliot took one photo. Even worse, Kat says it’s too much, apologizes to everyone and leaves.

Nick is so happy to see Alice. He takes her to his boat and says he was thinking about her during the attacks. Then Brady is calling to Kat, who wonders why he thought that was a good idea. She loves Moulin Rouge! But not for her proposal.

And why here? This isn’t her home anymore, not without Jacob and her dad. But then he gets it right, and she asks him to marry her. He tries again, and she says yes, Elliot snaps a photo.

Poor Elliot, Nick says. He and Alice kiss, and then she says she has to go. She tells him that someday, he will see her again.

Alice talks with Elliot. She didn’t know he had always loved Kat. He offers her the photo of her ‘90s friends, but she points out that they aren’t all there because he’s not in it.

Brady gives Alice the engagement ring at the open mic night. She protests. It’s mom’s and it’s part of their love story. She is their love story, he says. Kat was behind his decision. Alice says she just saw it and wonders if she’s sure she never saw Alice again after that night.

Alice plays a ‘90s song, Superman, that reminds everyone about the past.


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The Way Home Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You know, Del, sometimes when someone wants to help, it’s not because they think you need it. It’s because they want to do something for someone they really care about.


I know what I said, but I want to know what you know. I mean, it’s Jacob.