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Wes and Sean are arguing, big surprise. Sean says that the rock should be destroyed. Wes thinks it can be a bargaining chip with Drill, and that they should study it. The President sides with Wes.

Drill's latest friend is Cassandra. She lives in a nice house. It's big and white. Yup, Drill finally went after a big target - the President.

Sean returns home for one night only. Then, he is off to be a test subject at the black site. Henry and Claire obviously aren't too happy with this arrangement.

While Sean is telling the doctor about what he saw when he crashed, Wes is making a breakthrough thanks to Lena. When she tells Wes about Drill's new important friend, Wes figures out it is the President's daughter.

Drill knows where the rock is. Wes also figured out that the rock is a phone, a way for Drill to call home.

Claire picks a side. She shows up to the base with tools for making an EMP, tools that Sean requested. Too bad guys with guns barge in and ruin everything. Don't worry, Sean manages to save the day. He nearly dies, but he succeeds in blowing up the rock and Drill. Wes tells Claire and Sean to run, and not to return until Wes has smoothed things over. 

Drill is dead! Hooray! Oh wait, no he's not. He's talking to Minx. Drill will bargain with Lena, and it is time to make a deal.

Jessup's latest orders are a bit tough to swallow. He's been ordered to bring Henry in.

The Whispers
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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You have been involved with this thing, for what, a few days? You have no idea what you are dealing with. Mr. President, I lived with this thing in my head for three months. It is intelligent. It is a manipulative. And if you truly want to protect this country, you will blow this rock to kingdom come.


This is what I know. Without a doubt, it will do what it takes to get what it wants.