The Pretender - The White Princess Season 1 Episode 4
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The Duchess grooms a young boy to pretend to be Teddy and lead troops into battle. Duchess Cecily is dismayed that her daughter plans to send the child into battle and not just use him as a figure head. When they face Henry's troops in England, Margaret watches the battle from afar, and abandons the boy when the tide of the battle turns and it is clear her army has lost. She returns home to find Cecily waiting with a surprise -- Prince Richard has reappeared.

Lizzie finds herself still torn between her husband and her mother, and she is in the midst of a power struggle with Lady Margaret. Lady M arranges marriages for the younger York girls and Maggie, and Lizzie is allowed little to no input in the matter, and Lady M refuses to give up the Queens rooms to Lizzie. Henry doubts her loyalty; when a riot is started in the streets with people calling for Teddy to be king, he claims it is all her fault and a plot. She points out that it would go against her interests to do so. Lady M calls for Elizabeth's execution, prompting Lizzie to sneak out and visit her mother. Henry takes this as further evidence of her betrayal of him, but she tells him that her mother wouldn't tell her anything and that she is now convinced that her loyalty is with him and with their son. Even though he continues to doubt her, she visits him before he rides of to face Margaret of Burgundy's troops and asks him not to ride in battle, but to keep himself safe instead. When he returns, he essentially pardons her mother and ousts his mother from her bed chamber, ready to start a "happy" life with Lizzie.

Maggie is married off to a severe looking man who lost the use of his arm fighting for Henry at Bosworth, but he turns out to be a kind man. He and Maggie share a desire for a quiet life; the only thing impeding her happiness with him is that Teddy remains locked in the Tower. 

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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I have no power anymore. I have these four walls and your sisters and that is all.


He is just a child, Henry. You have seen how scared he is. How lonely and unloved. Can you say you have never felt that?

Lizzie [about Teddy]