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A merchant and his family enter the abandoned courtyard of a dark inn. One by one, they are picked off and killed by an unseen assailant.

Witcher title card features a pair of batwings.

The battlefield of Sodden is strewn with bodies. Tissaia makes her way through the field, using her sight to see through the dead's eyes, looking for Yennefer.

Geralt arrives, also looking for Yennefer. He leads Roach with Ciri astride. Believing Yennefer dead, he takes Ciri away from the battlefield.

Ciri has nightmares. Geralt is sitting awake at the fire. They discuss nightmares and plans.

At the Brotherhood's headquarters, Tissaia, Artorius, and another mage work together to stabilize and heal Triss. They debrief on the battle and Fringilla's role. They discuss the prisoner they took. Tissaia offers to interrogate him.

Yennefer wakes up bound under a tree, captured by Fringilla.

Geralt takes Ciri towards Kaer Morhen. He explains the witchers were attacked there once and it nearly wiped them out.

Geralt notices an animal carcass and Roach gets nervous. Geralt calms the horse with axii, a calming sign. He checks the carcass's meat and insists they keep moving.

They approach the same inn as the merchant and his family but Geralt is suspicious of the silence. He decides to go to a friend's home instead.

A tusked monster comes flying at Geralt when they enter the friend's courtyard. Geralt is about to kill it when it calls his name.

Geralt realizes that it's his friend, Nivellen, disfigured by a curse. Nivellen offers hospitality, demonstrating his magical abilities.

Ciri emerges from her bath to find a beautiful dress laid out for her. Someone is watching her from a crack in the ceiling.

She joins Geralt and Nivellen for a meal. Nivellen shares how he and Geralt met. He also explains he was cursed by the priestess of the Lionhead Spider after he trashed the temple while high on godflesh mushrooms. He tells them he's tried to kill himself but he's now immortal.

Geralt asks about the abandoned village. Nivellen explains it as a reaction to the Battle of Sodden and the appearance of the Wild Hunt.

Geralt is skeptical. Ciri asks about the noises she's heard in the ceiling and Nivellen claims he has a cat.

Tissaia enters Cahir's cell and begins his interrogation.

Yennefer trash talks Fringilla at their fire. She realizes Fringilla plans to offer her as a consolation prize to the Nilfgaardian emperor.

Nivellen entertains Ciri with a lantern show. She is reminded of Mousesack from Cintran.

Geralt talks things out with Roach.

Ciri asks Nivellen about curing his curse. He claims he is not worthy because he killed all his servants the day he turned. Ciri tells him he doesn't seem like a monster to her.

Geralt notices footprints in the snow that disappear. He returns to Nivellen and proposes a drinking game. Nivellen uses trick daggers to win.

Yennefer walks with her captors. She tries to talk Fringilla out of returning to Nilfgaard.

Geralt calls Nivellen out on his cheating. Nivellen chooses to go to bed.

Ciri calls to Vereena the cat but a supernatural creature who looks like a woman appears. She wipes Ciri's memory so she doesn't give her away to Geralt.

Geralt returns to the inn and realizes the monster flies. Going back to Nivellen's, he wakes Ciri and tells her to ride Roach if he gives her the order to run. He says there's a bruxa in the house and takes an elixir to prepare for battle.

He finds Vereena feeding on Nivellen. They fight. She takes Ciri hostage but Nivellen impales her. Geralt beheads her before she can bite him and it breaks Nivellen's curse which is cured by having his true love taken from him.

Nivellen confesses that he didn't destroy a temple to incur the curse. He raped the priestess who cursed him. Ciri and Geralt walk away. Nivellen begs Geralt to kill him but Geralt tells him to do it himself.

In the woods, the elixir wears off and Geralt returns to his normal look. Ciri confides her fear about her own abilities. Geralt promises he won't let anything happen to her.

Fringilla tries to get her men moving. Yennefer points out that they're about to mutiny. Suddenly, they are attacked by invisible archers. Fringilla and Yennefer are left alone.

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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Fear is an illness. If you catch it and you leave it untreated, it can consume you.


I think there's something wrong with me. Everywhere I go, people die. Sometimes, I feel like I could burn the whole world. I wouldn't mean to. It just makes me feel so afraid. All the time.