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Ciri wakes up to Mousesack's voice calling her name. It's like Cintra was never sacked.

When she leaves her Cintran rooms, she enters the halls of Kaer Morhen. She finds the dagger Voleth Meir used to kill witchers.

Yennefer and Geralt race to Kaer Morhen.

Ciri enters the witchers' rooms and kills them with the dagger. As she approaches Vesemir, Geralt enters. Although she tries to lie, Geralt is able to detect Voleth Meir in her. She strikes him and runs.

Witcher sigil: a moving model of the Great Conjunction that explodes. The pieces reform into a tree.

The surviving witchers prepare to battle Voleth Meir. Geralt argues that Ciri can survive this. He pleads with Vesemir to fight the demon, not his daughter.

Yennefer wakes Jaskier to help her.

Dara reports to Filavandrel. They try to figure out why their daughter was killed. Francesca orders Dara to gather some horses.

Yennefer gathers supplies to create something that can separate Voleth Meir from Ciri.

Ciri stands at the medallion tree. Ciri is trapped in a memory of a party.

Fringilla enters the throne room of the Cintran castle where Cahir is preparing for the emperor's arrival. She shares that some elves, including Francesca and Filvandrel have ridden away. Cahir helps her spin it to look like this was all part of her plan.

The witchers are calling for Ciri. Geralt finds her by the medallion tree. He offers himself if Voleth Meir releases Ciri. Jaskier runs in with the stone Yennefer gave him to give Geralt.

When the witchers try to move in on her, Voleth Meir has Ciri scream, causing the medallion tree to split and fall apart, revealing a monolith hidden inside its trunk.

A second scream causes the monolith to shatter. The shards strike at the witchers, killing some, and then regroup behind her, creating a portal through which monsters enter.

Geralt has Vesemir and other witchers create a dome around him and Ciri. He battles her and tries to get through to Ciri.

In her happy place, Ciri hears Geralt and starts questioning Mousesack about her lineage. Mousesack distracts her by pointing out that her parents have just arrived.

In Redania, babies are crying as burns appear on their bodies in the shape of mage symbols. With a gesture, Francesca kills them all.

Voleth Meir calls forth another monster. Geralt manages to kill it.

Yennefer runs out to tell him she has a potion to extract Voleth Meir.

Vesemir stabs her but she heals herself.

Geralt realizes the witchers' hate is feeding Voleth Meir. He speaks to Ciri again, calling her home.

Ciri struggles but chooses to stay with her parents.

Yennefer slashes her wrists and incants a spell to draw Voleth Meir into her. As Voleth Meir leaves her, Ciri's family in her head crumble. She hears Geralt's voice and decides to return home to him.

When she awakes, Geralt asks her to send Voleth Meir back through the monolith. She tries and all three of them are sucked through to an alien landscape. In the distance, they see riders on horseback. Voleth Meir forms into another rider, laughing.

The Wild Hunt invites Ciri to join them. She grabs Geralt and Yennefer's hands and they reappear in Kaer Morhen.

Yennefer is able to heal the witchers.

Tissaia brings news of Ciri to the monarchs of the North, revealing Redania's plot to marry Ciri to lay claim to Cintra. The Brotherhood puts a bounty on Ciri's head and anyone who protects her.

Rience and Lydia report to their employer.

Francesca plots to wipe out humanity. The elf guards bring Istredd into the camp. He tells them about Ciri's Elder Blood. Francesca sees hope in that.

Dijkstra's owl sees and hears all of that and reports back to him. The owl transforms into Philippa Eilhart and she lets him know the elves know about Ciri. He orders her to bring him Jaskier, as he's been on Redanian payroll the whole time.

Yennefer and Geralt make plans but Geralt makes it clear that he hasn't forgiven her. They go to find Ciri. Geralt lays out what Voleth Meir's plan was but wonders how Nilfgaard knew about Ciri's abilities before anyone else.

Emhyr arrives at Cintra. Fringilla and Cahir follow their agreed-upon script but Emhyr catches them out in their lie since he ordered the death of the elven baby. He is Ciri's father. Cahir and Fringilla are taken away.

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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Geralt: Witchers don't kill out of fear. They kill to save lives.
Vesemir: I said that.
Geralt: You did.
Vesemir: It feels like bullshit now.

We belong together. You, us, it's not perfect, but it is real. It's yours.