Soldiers are taking a mysterious crate into a war zone. One guy abandon's the crate, it gets shot up with bullets, smoke pours out and John kills everone inside the tent. The guy who abandoned the crate? Skinner.

Scully and Mulder are called into some guy's office. Skinner is missing. They need to find him since it's all their fault he didn't rise up the ranks of the FBI.

Someone sent to Skinner a severed ear, but Sculls and Mulder find it relatively easily.

The people in the town where the guy is found are losing their teeth.

The local sheriff says people swear they've seen some kind of monster in the woods, and swing to the woods to find a hunter looking for it just before he gets caught in its trap.

Except, uh, it's Skinner's trap for the monster who managed to escapt the trap. The hunter made it in, though.

Skinner finds his way into someone's house and sees their scrapbook. It must have been Kitten. Given the color of the substance that came out of the crate, maybe it was agent orange because his teeth started falling out.

Davey, John's son appears in the home Skinner is in saying his father blames their lives on Skinner for testifying against him.

Davey lures Skinner to the woods and spikes him in a pit with what seemed to be the dead body of his father hanging high in a tree.

Scully and Mulder arrive just in time to get Skinner out alive.

Mulder checks out Davey's closet and sees what he thinks is a costume for the monster, but it IS the monster or Davey WEARing the monster costume.

Mulder finds Skinner, but Davey tosses him into the pit before he can save him.

He tosses gasoline into the pit and is ready to drop a lighter when Skinner shoots and Scully does, too.

Mulder and Scully leave Skinner in the pit to look for the MIA Davey while Skinner reveals his terribly wound.

Skinner makes it out of the pit and wrastles around with Davey who tries to kill him but dies by his own device.

When Scully and Mulder tell Skinner they're sorry. He says their responsible for him being here after what he went through in Vietnam.

Meeting them made him realize he didn't have to blindly follow the government.

Skinner's teeth are falling out now, too.

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It appears he may suffer from moderate to severe constipation.


Maybe he's out meeting with an interior decorator.