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A girl is on an old boat. So is another girl. That's odd. They're both looking for Ghouli. One falls down through a hole to the same place as the other. They both see the other as a monster, taking aim at each other to kill. Odd.

Scully finds herself in a state of hypnogogia, frozen on a stranger's bed. There is odd music playing and she's darting around. Again, I think, "are you on drugs?"

Scully is telling Mulder about a dream she had in which she felt compelled to follow a dark figure. It was leading her to a boat. It's an open X-File. Chimera.

They're in Norfolk, VA, someplace they arrive via airport because they're too damned lazy to drive ALL that way.

Both girls are likely to survive despite quite a fight.

There is a guy standing below watching the antics on the boat who is gone the next time Scully looks down.

The girls describe what they saw, which is each other, but monsters.

They were called there from the same kind of dream that Scully had. She totes believes them.

The girls have the same boyfriend. Jackson Van de Kamp.

When they get to Jackson's house, Scully recognizes it. And they hear gunshots. Two dead parents inside. Another shot upstairs. Jackson is dead.

Suddenly, they think it's William. I got lost somewhere. I guess the connection is the dream and the former messages for Scully.

Scully prepares to do a DNA test against Jackson and herself.

When Scully is finished talking to Jefferson, he unzips the bag, cracks his neck and sits up. Guess it's William.

Scully is in another paralytic dream. She wakes up when the coroner wants to know what she did with the body. Mulder also arrives with what he says isn't good news.

The guy who was watching from the boat, also on the back of the book Jackson was reading bumps into Scully and breaks her snowglobe.

Scully and Mulder are in Jackson's room when the DOD shows up to shut them down.

Skinner wants them to shut things down. He's still hanging with Smoking Man who wants Skinner to chat with Mulder about a project Crossroads.

Project Crossroads is about alien and human hybrids. I assume that's what William is. Dr. Matsamoto, the dude who has been hanging around talking about butterflies. Then again, if he was a hybrid, wouldn't it have shown in the DNA test Mulder just did?

So now we know we are witnessing the past.

Jackson made sure the DOD guys shot at who they wanted to shoot by masking them. Then he ran out of the building masked as a nurse.

It was William disguising himself as the Pickup Artist dude. Haha.

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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

We have no proof that the body is William, Scully.


Barista: Bob! Double shot cappuccino extra foam.
Scully: Bob?
Mulder: Like I want to explain "Fox" for the millionth time.