Looking For Their Son - The X-Files
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Carl Gerhard Bush is speaking about making presidents and other people, babbling about how great he is before he recalls he was there for the staged moon landing.

Is he the most powerful man in the world or the most delusional?

Scully is in the hospital, Mulder hovering over her side. She's had a seizure. Once at the hospital, the doctor doesn't know what's going on because Scully has extremely odd brain activity.

It's a good thing Skinner is along though because Scully's brain is flashing Find Him.

Scully wakes up. She wants Mulder to find the Smoking Man. She's seeing the Spartan Virus, a plague that will start and kill everyone. Mulder will die and without stem cells from their son, she can't save him. Smoke is in Virginia and he must be stopped!!

Someone tries to attack Jeffrey Spender looking for the boy. All they want is the boy.

The doctor thinks they're on the verge of superhuman experiments or something. Do Scully's visions cause her seizures or vice versa?

Smoker isn't to be found.

Mulder is followed. Needless car chase with oh, so exciting music.

Spender visits Scully. He's keeping her son safe. He tells her the name of his adoptive parents. Van de Camp. Bree Van de Camp has her son.

Visions keep pounding into Scully's head. She passes out.

More dull and pointless conversation between Cigarette and Reyes.

More pointless voiceovers.

Mulder gets to an apartment. People are inside.

Skinner finds Scully's phone behind Mulder's desk, but no Scully.

Reyes and Smoking Man are holding Skinner at gunpoint while Scully gets into an accident.

The fat guy, a take on Brando, part of a syndicate who has his own Reyes in the form of Barbara Hershey, smokes a lot, too.

Hershey says Smoking Man is interested in destroying humanity.

Smoker pulls out the pathogen and shows it to Skinner. He's been carrying it, a full glass vial, in his pocket.

Brando and Hershey are sharing the news of the vial with Mulder. The threat against him is his very special child. The aliens came to study humanity. The way this bothersome story is told, back and forth with different characters, is a pain in the ass.

Smoker thinks he can get Skinner on his side simply by offering immunity from the pathogen. Because everyone wants to be alive when humanity is gone.

Back to the moon landing. It was Smoking Man showing his power. Ah ha ha hahhhhh!

Brando wants Mulder to kill Smoking Man before his dad kills everyone else. Hershey and Brando want to colonize space. Mulder calls BS. Seven Billion people ain't going to space. LIARS!!!

The Scully and Mulder lookalikes found Scully and took her to the hospital. Handy, that.

A killer wants to kill Scully. He tries and fails, dies instead. Whoopsies.

Scully is sure the Smoking Man wasn't responsible for that because he's held her life in her hands. That was something else.

She also knows William is behind her visions. She knows it in her bones. Smoking Man will not find him, but William will find them. To wrap up a crap hour, Scully ties it all up saying the truth lies in The X-Files and now they just go about their business.

Skinner and Mulder get into a scuffle at the hospital. Skinner is in turmoil after talking with Smoking Man. Why? Because Smoking Man's grand plan is to get Scully to join their cause by presenting her with a choice: Mulder or William. Then he reveals his "history" with Scully that goes back 17 years. He impregnated Scully with alien science. William is his son, not Mulder's.

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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

Smoking Man: This is going to end badly.
Reyes: Surely you've taken precautions.

My name is Carl Gerhard Bush, and I've been known by many aliases...

Cigarette Smoking Man