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While Scully and Mulder are sleeping snuggled up in front of the TV. all their electronics are going wacky. There is a helicopter overhead, a car coming toward them with weirdos inside and on their camera? The blonde dude from the Lone Gunmen asking if he's dead, and if he's dead, then they know that he knows.

Does PYC-9103 mean something?

The car dudes come inside and Mulder and Scully kick (or shoot) some major ass. I don't remember them having gunfights like that, but I like it.

Scully calls in the incident and they begin bagging evidence. Scully worries Mulder is hiding evidence over a blip that was nothing. Mulder is more skeptical. And then a car rolls up. No, a humvee, or two.

Between the two of them, they have 22 rounds. They sound like Germans or Swedes. Scully calls Skinner who tells them to put down their weapons and surrender. The duo continues putting on their coats.

They're taken in by the people, who are suddenly sounding like Russians.

They hear the phone in the oven and take it, spouting goofy "American" lingo. Mulder and Scully take off handcuffed into the woods. That's amazing teamwork, my friends.

Skinner finds them right where they're running. He uncuffs them. They're an American security contractor with headquarters in Moscow. Under the executive branch, but they must have some connection to Trump because everything connects back to Trump.

They won't get into the car with Skinner, so he gives them all the cash he has. He says Langley is buried in Arlington. Skepticism all around.

Mulder's phone gives the contractors the finger and dies.

The duo goes to see the Lone Gunmen's graves for clues. How the clues were planted is beyond me, but there they are. Presidents, what their numbers were, 33rd president, Langley's stone facing the wrong direction, three up and three over (either way). Mulder finds Deep Throat's gravestone. Ronald Pakula. Mulder watched the funeral from a shady knoll. Whoda known we'd look back and say those were simpler times? Everything came to pass.

Pakula's pass was different than all the others. It has a chip thingy. One of the square scan signals.

Shots fired, they're gone.

The chip has a codename blarney NSA building thing. It was an X-File. They're adorable in this scene.

They head to the basement and verbally acost Skinner. Guns drawn, they're all aflutter.

Skinner seems a little bit pissed off that there are now 17 US intelligence agencies when it all started with just him and Scully.

All the X-Files are now online. If you looked, there are a lot of Easter Eggs within. Home, Pennsylvania and another one that appears to be upcoming. Regardless, the Russians have access to all their work.

Skinner thinks the files belong to everyone, but control of them reverted back to the FBI after the X-Files were reopened.

The NSA files and those relating to Richard Langley are gone. They do find a spank bank file with Scully's face on it, which leads them to a professor and a note about what should happen if her file is scrubbed.

She thinks they should go once they get there. It's a bit of a black mirror episode. They scanned and copied the salient features of their brains so they could live forever, but never at the same time.

If Richard is reaching out, then he must have discovered they lied about life in the simulation. They wanted life eternal together. There would be cheats to discover they weren't alive. Renders not fully realized.

Langley probably saw Mulder in his dreams (who hasn't), and reached out to the corporeal world. But before they could get much further than how to hack a new phone, long silver hair shoots professor and that's it.

Scully has a brief second where she cares about evidence, but we don't care.

Langley feels like he designed heaven. But it must be destroyed because there is no choice, no diversity, and everything is fake. All the great minds are there, but they all hate it. What they are in that life is completely different than what they were here. Maybe that's why it's called Blarney.

They arrive at the Jacob Javits Federal Building using a very 1940s way to sneak into Titanpointe. Thankfully, Mulder gags.

Another action scene, this time in a stairwell. Good stuff.

Mulder is taken into a conference room with more desk lamps than the local Lighting Plus only to find Barbara Hershey.

She decides to sit the whole way across the table from him. It's awkward.

She wants to control people by overwriting them again and again. She's calling it evolution. There is another show coming with something similar.

It's hard to understand how she thinks this will advance "life" and not end it. Mulder asks if he decides to terminate his dad now, can he and Scully be uploaded to the cloud? She says they do it all the time with people and their cell phones in two hours or under. It seems like a piss pour version of other more advanced theories on the subject. By the time they got to what I suppose was the big machine (little space), someone cut it and ran.

Langley asks for them to destory the backup. He's afraid. Then silver comes on and swirls his finger. He's in there, too. Damn. Cheap trick he got uploaded.

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