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Part I: Gloria (Judith Chapman) chats with William's brother Jeffrey and he admits he got into trouble when he got involved with some people in Liberia. Gloria asks Michael to run a background check on the guy. Lily cries as she packs up Daniel's things. Neil tells his daughter that she doesn't need a divorce because her marriage wasn't legal. He explains that all she needs to get is an annulment.

Part II: Neil then asks Devon to take some time away from work to spend with his sister. Devon takes her out and after he talks about what marriage means to him, Lily asks him to set her up with one of his friends. Cane calls together everyone involved with the Clear Springs project and warns that the methane gas problem is not going away. He warns that this must be cleaned before the project continues and adds that Chancellor Industries is not going to put another penny into the project which puts Nikki's investment at risk.

Part III: Talking with Victor later, Neil warns that if he's behind this plan to ruin Nikki's business, as a board member, he would have to voice a complaint. Victor refuses to do anything about the problem as does Jack who advises Cane that he could not care less about what happens to Nikki's investment. Nikki confides to her daughter that she fears Victor wants her to fail to prove that he is right in downplaying her ability as a business woman.

PART IV: When Lauren worries to Michael about how this might affect her, he assures her there is nothing to worry about. Daniel approaches Jack about a job and claims that if he's hired, it will help impress the judge should his case go to trial. Jack does hire him to work with him at Newman. Nick offers to accompany Sharon to scout locations for the postponed photo shoot. The two end up choosing an old bank building being converted and as the shoot gets underway, they end up getting trapped inside the old vault. As the temperature rises, the two strip to cool off.

The Young and the Restless
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