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A fuming Nikki is relieved when Victor finally agrees to meet her and Victoria. With Neil and Michael by his side, Victor listens to them mention the methane problem at Clear Springs.

Victor announces that he is not going to fund the project anymore, and ignores Nikki's questions.

After Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) walks out, Victoria blasts her father for the way he treated her mother but he suggests that Nikki shouldn't have treated him the way she did.

Victor leaks to Neil that once the Clear Springs project stops, he'll order the ground be drilled for the minerals there and Neil agrees to keep this a secret. Cane announces to Nikki that he's ending the project. Still stuck in the bank vault, Nick tells Sharon he regrets not having another child with her. She claims it wouldn't have saved their marriage.

Confessing he still loves her, Nick kisses her but Sharon pulls away. He asks her to lay down next to him but she worries what people will think when they rescue her.

After they are rescued, Nick pockets an earring she left behind. The two return to Newman and tell Jack about being trapped. Later, Sharon wonders if Jack suspected anything.

Nick tells Sharon that he loves her, but she asks him to stop.

At the coffeehouse Devon urges Lily to reconsider the idea of a blind date but when she insists, he pretends to call a friend for her.

At Newman later, Devon calls Colleen to ask about Lily's favorite things so he can surprise her. When he spots Daniel there, he reminds him that he doesn't work there but Daniel claims that he does.

Devon boasts that everyone knows about his troubles but Daniel counters that he doesn't care what everyone thinks. Devon's taken aback when Lily admits she has a date with a guy from one of her classes.

He offers to take her to a concert but she suggests they double date since she got him a date.

The Young and the Restless
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