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PART ONE: Nikki asks Kay to convince Cane not to cancel the Clear Springs project. Kay offers her a loan for seven days so that she can find long-term financing. Nikki asks Victor for a loan, offering all of her assets as collateral. Gloria surprises Lauren with diamond earrings but when she gives Kevin a watch, he complains about Jana's condition and her need for an operation. Gloria tells him that Jana is not her responsibility. He's stunned when he meets William's brother for the first time.

PART TWO: At the hospital Kevin has a coherent talk with Jana (Emily O'Brien) until she loses touch with reality and eventually has to be tied down as she starts screaming. Kevin confronts his mother and demands the money for the operation or he'll tell the police about the tainted cream. Instead, she asks him to find out all he can about Jeffrey and she may be Jana's benefactor. On the phone with Michael, Phyllis decides that she can't stay in Genoa City anymore and will be taking Summer with her. He warns that if she does leave, she'll only make matters worse.

PART THREE: Meanwhile, Sharon advises Jack and Victor that the jury has a verdict in Phyllis' case. She confides to Jack that she hopes Phyllis pays for what she did. He asks how she spent the time while trapped at the photo shoot and she fails to admit the truth. Michael asks Nick to call Phyllis and convince her to stay. Nick reaches her and tries to stay calm but when he can't control his anger and blasts her for taking Summer, she hangs up.

PART FOUR: Jack talks with Daniel about casinos but they're interrupted by the news about Phyllis' verdict. Phyllis calls Jack and talks about losing custody of Daniel when he was five. She worries she won't see Summer until she's five. Sharon overhears him on the phone and guesses Phyllis won't be back. Phyllis dons a wig for her trip. Not believing his story about Phyllis being sick, the judge demands Michael produce his client or face contempt of court charges.

The Young and the Restless
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