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Part One

The judge gives Michael one hour to produce Phyllis or both he and his client will face contempt of court charges. With minutes remaining, Phyllis arrives, much to Nick and Daniel's relief.

In court, the judge gets the jury foreman to reveal that they had a verdict but one jury member changed their mind. Michael asks for a mistrial but the judge asks to speak to the lone dissenter.

Part Two

Later, the judge announces he's asked the jury to reconvene and keep trying and ends the session for now. Nick warns Phyllis about taking their baby away again and when Daniel updates her on his firing and hiring, she lays into Nick for not standing up for her son.

Part Three

Nick points out that you are responsible for your own actions. Michael's encouraged when the jury asks for a copy of Sharon's testimony. Brad's upset when Victoria lets him know that someone else has taken care of a project for her that was once his responsibility.

Later, during the ultrasound at her doctor's office, Victoria tells J.T. that she doesn't want to know the sex of their baby right now. Brad complains to Sharon about Victoria taking him off a project but refuses when Sharon suggests he quit and start his own company.

Part Four

After she admits her concern for Daniel, Sharon leaks that she kissed Nick. Brad suggests this proves Sharon's not happy in her marriage. Spotting her ultrasound photo, Brad tells Victoria she's having a boy.

Amber continues to look for a job but gets nowhere because of her reputation in town. Cane (Daniel Goddard) calls and asks her to meet him.

Part Five

  • When Carson sits next to her and hints that he could be a friend, she asks him to have the trespassing charges against her dropped.
  • Cane gets her to sign a document admitting the truth about their phony marriage and that she has no claim to any of his assets.

Carson advises Amber he's dropped the charges and will help her find the missing money in exchange for half.

The Young and the Restless
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