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In court the jury announces they have found Phyllis guilty. Heather and Michael then argue in front of the judge about whether Phyllis deserves to be let out on bail. As the judge calls a recess to consider bail, Sharon notices Jack is in shock.

Episode Recap: Part One

Brad and Nikki argue about Phyllis' trial as Brad admits that he regrets now going to the police. He suggests that he might still be married but Nikki points out he cheated on her daughter. The judge grants her bail but orders Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) to surrender her passport.

Wondering how Noah will react, Nick tells Sharon he wants to be with her when she tells him about Phyllis' verdict. Sharon lashes out at Phyllis before she leaves the building until Jack is finally able to pull her away. He takes her to the Crimson Lights where he admits he doesn't think Phyllis should have been convicted because she has two children who need her.

Episode Recap: Part Two

Sharon is outraged that Jack can still defend her. Nikki tells Phyllis she has only herself to blame but Nick stands up for his wife and asks his mother to respect her.

Next, Brad boasts to Phyllis that he thinks she still hasn't learned her lesson and she counters that he's in no position to talk because he's ruining his own life.

Admitting he thinks she shouldn't have been convicted, Victor tells Phyllis this is Nikki and Brad's fault. Neil suggests to Devon and Lily that they celebrate Phyllis' conviction by calling it a new year for them.


After getting advice and support from Gina at the Athletic Club, Daniel gets a chance to talk with Lily about his mother. Noah blasts his mother for causing Phyllis to be found guilty.

Jack (Peter Bergman) calms him down but lets Sharon know he agrees with her son. After Sharon tells him what she overheard earlier with Jack, Brad warns Heather that Phyllis tried to skip town with her daughter.

The Young and the Restless
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