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David asks Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) about her feelings for him but she claims she has to go to a meeting. When Daniel reveals that his computer crashed as he worked on the Clear Springs project, Jack confirms he hired Daniel.

Nikki points out to Jack that he has made one bad decision after another.

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Phyllis overhears her badmouthing her son and warns Nikki that her problems are her fault, not her son's.

After Nikki points out she won't have to deal with Phyllis much longer, Nick apologizes for his mother's cruel words. Later, Nikki apologizes to her son and admits that her problem is with Jack.

She points out that though he can't remember marrying her, he stands up for Phyllis. When he asks if she intends to divorce his father, Nikki can't answer but does admit she can't live with Victor.

Nikki then leaks that David has been pressing her for a relationship and later makes a date with David.

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Kay meets with Michael about removing Jill from her will and admits that it's her attempt to show Jill that Ji Min is only after her money.

Michael urges her not to get involved but Kay claims he'll understand once his son is older.

As he finishes the paperwork, he warns her that she may alienate Jill for good by doing this. Jill and Ji Min interrupt so Kay sends the lawyer on his way, asking him to finish this by the end of the day.

She then starts in on Jill and Ji Min until Jill walks out on her mother.

Kay warns Ji Min that Jill is using him and boasts that he'll be out of the picture by next year.


Later, Jill asks Ji Min again if he knew about Jack's scheme but he lies that he didn't. Jill then slips out to see Jack. Kay signs the papers for her new will.

Impressed with his book, Colleen asks Adrian not to talk with Brad about it. Jana guesses to an upset Adrian that once she dies, Colleen will be there to help Kevin.

The Young and the Restless
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