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The nurses and Kevin calm Jana while the doctors complete the surgery, but Jana just lies there staring into space. Jana says that she remembers the operation and Kevin is ecstatic that her surgery was successful.

Episode Recap

In an interview, Jack states that he thinks six years for Phyllis’ crime is too harsh. Heather tries to cut a deal with Amber to testify against Daniel and Kevin in exchange for a reduced sentence, but she doesn’t take it.

Ji Min tries again to apologize to Jill, but she won’t accept it, and then leaves. Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) watches this exchange without being noticed. Amber asks Gloria for a loan to pay the government money back, but Gloria sees right through her and says no.

Gloria tells her that if it weren’t for Michael agreeing to represent her in court, she would probably turn her back on Kevin and testify against him. Colleen accuses Amber of knowing where the stash of money is.

Amber swears she doesn’t know, but wonders if Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) stole the money. Amber asks Ji Min if he has a $100 bill on him and that she could pay him in $20's for it.


After the exchange of bills Amber wonders if it could be one of the stolen counterfeit bills. Jill tells Ji Min that she’ll take him back if he’ll go public with the whole Jabot scandal.

The Young and the Restless
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