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PART ONE: Summer relapses into a fever and Phyllis refuses to leave her side. Phyllis calls Michael to see if he can get an extension while she takes care of Summer. When the doctor arrives, Phyllis locks herself in the bathroom with Summer because of her fear of Summer having more than just a slight illness. Amber tries to explain to Kay that Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) may have stolen the money, but Kay won’t listen.

PART TWO: Carson proposes they find the money together. Carson thinks that if he can distract Ji Min, Amber will have enough time to slip into his room and search for the money. Kay attempts to get through to Jill and make her realize how many people Ji Min will hurt by going public, but Jill doesn’t care. Kay offers to put her back in the will if she can stop Ji Min from doing the interview, but she turns it down.

Nikki sits down with David and tells him about Ji Min.

PART THREE: She fears that if he does tell the Jabot secret on national television, it will severely hurt the Clear Springs project. David thinks he can help Jack come out of the situation looking not as bad as he should. Nikki goes to Jack and tells him to confess that he did in fact own Jabot.

Jack says that he bought Ji Min’s grandparents house in Korea and evicted them as a way to stop Ji Min from going forward with the “tell-all” interview. Jill goes back to her room, to find the door locked.

Ji Min is in the room, hiding the stolen money in the air vent...

The Young and the Restless
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