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Part I

After Phyllis suggests that they spend a night away from things in a hotel, Nick calls to see what his options are as a father should Phyllis try to skip town with Summer. Later, when she wonders if he thinks she is guilty, Nick puts it back to her and asks her if she isn't guilty.

Upset, Phyllis cancels their plans and blasts him for not believing in her. She decides to move into a hotel for now and then faces off with Nick when he asks if she has considered running away with their daughter.

Part II

He eventually accompanies her to the hotel. Amber calls Cane but he won't take it and instructs his secretary at work to put her off. Amber arrives but is told that Cane's in a meeting. She asks Jill (Jess Walton) if she or Ji Min might have found the cash.

When Jill resents the implication, Amber responds in threatening fashion. Cane overhears this and pulls Amber into an office where he blasts her for threatening his mother. Cane then reminds her that Jill posted her bail.

Part III

Devon (Bryton) urges Lily to divorce Daniel.

Devon then leaves as Daniel arrives. He's rocked when Lily hands him her divorce lawyer's card and states that she wants to end their marriage as soon as possible. Daniel asks Michael for legal advice but finds Michael ready to attack him for how he hurt Lily.

He refuses to help Daniel until he finally cries out that he's an addict and needs help. Daniel then stops by the coffeehouse and stares at a photo of Cassie, telling himself that he wants her to motivate him into turning his life around. Kevin decides to go visit Jana.

The Young and the Restless
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