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Introduction ...

At the hospital Jana tells Kevin that the operation to remove her brain tumor has been canceled because the tumor is no longer life-threatening. She explains further that because she has no health insurance, the hospital won't do it because she can't afford it.

... the plot thickens ...

Later, Michael confirms the hospital's decision is legal.

When he and Colleen run into Logan and Brad (Don Diamont), Kevin asks the doctor about Jana's cancer and she explains that there are alternate forms of treatment. Kevin wonders to Colleen if Jana's tumor might have caused her to do the horrible things she did to them.

He approaches his mother about giving him the money to pay for the surgery but she and Michael both remind him that she's deranged. Colleen visits Jana and asks her to stop seeing Kevin but Jana refuses and claims he's the only person she loves.

Brad warns his daughter again to stay away from Kevin. Arguing with Jill about whether he's trustworthy, Kay gives Ji Min a hard time. After he leaves, Kay wonders to Jill what Ji Min does once he learns that Jill is out of her will.

... but, later ...

Gloria plans a memorial party for William at the Athletic Club but she becomes furious when she discovers that Gina has used white table cloths instead of blue which was her husband's favorite color. Amber calls Cane to invite him for lunch but he hangs up on her.

Later, at the Athletic Club gym, Lily and Colleen watch as Amber is told that she must leave since Cane canceled her membership. On the way out, she asks Gina about a job but Gina claims that there are no openings. Later, Amber gets Daniel to buy her a meal and he offers to help her try to find work at Newman.

Daniel meets Neil and begs for another chance to prove himself, admitting that he has finally faced his addiction to online porn. It's a tough addiction, for sure.

... and so it concludes ....

Neil orders him to stay away from his family. Daniel returns later followed by Brad who announces that there has been a breach in security at Newman, thanks to Daniel's surfing for porn on the Internet.

Though everything is now secure, Neil cans Daniel.

The Young and the Restless
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