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Daniel tells Nick about his addiction and being fired but Neil interrupts and orders him to pack his things and get out.

After Daniel walks out, Neil (Kristoff St. John) tells Nick about the Internet porn and the hackers getting into the Newman computers.


Nick assures Neil he made the right decision. Michael finds Jana at the hospital talking to an imaginary Kevin.

He tells Lauren who starts to side with Kevin but Michael again states that he doesn't believe Jana's health claims since she was arrested.

Amber presses Kevin for a job at the Crimson Lights but he reveals he's selling the place to raise the money for Jana's operation.


After Jack confides that he intends to take Sharon on the honeymoon they never had, Neil admits he had a talk with Nick about focusing on his own marriage.

Meanwhile, Nick talks with Sharon about the canceled photo shoot and she tells him she doesn't think it would be smart to go away with him.

When she reveals that she won't be changing her mind, he suggests doing the shoot in Genoa City. Later, leaking that she originally decided to go, Nick boasts to Jack about Sharon's decision not to leave town with him.


Jack confronts Sharon about the trip and she apologizes. Nick tells Daniel that he will help him get his life together. Amber asks Neil for a job at Indigo but he won't hire her.

Amber then decides to go to the Chancellor estate to tell Cane the story of her hard life but he's unimpressed but ends up taking her to bed.

After sex, he kicks her out, boasting that he used her just the same way she used him and claims he has a date tonight. Paul brings Maggie to Gloria's memorial party for William.

There, Kevin becomes upset when he hears Michael telling Heather he thinks Jana is faking.

Gloria faints when she thinks she sees William.

The Young and the Restless
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