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PART I: Nikki, David and J.T. spend Christmas watching over Victoria’s baby in the I.C.U. Adrian and Colleen go to the Newman ranch to deliver a Christmas present for Victoria. The book is one of Victor’s favorite novels, Don Quixote. Victor is touched by the fact that he and Victoria share a love for the same book. Victor visits the I.C.U. and finds Nikki, David and J.T. Nikki remarks to Victor that he is acting very happy for someone facing multiple lawsuits.

PART II: Victor fires back at Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and retorts that she is acting happy for someone who has just lost her business and all her money. Jack is pleased that Sharon decided to wait until after Christmas to inform Noah about their plans to divorce. Later, Sharon spends her Christmas Eve with Lily, Devon, Neil and Karen, who are all welcoming. Sharon announces she donated money in Dru’s name to a foster organization.

PART III: It's a huge crowd as Noah, Daniel, Jack, Phyllis, Nick, Lauren, Daniel, Fen and Summer are all now gathered together for Christmas Eve. Jack makes an excuse to leave the party because seeing Noah and the family is just too hard for him. Michael calls Lauren to inform her that he is stuck in St. Louis. Michael promises Lauren that he will find a way home in time to spend Christmas with his family.

PART IIII: Noah runs down the stairs to inform everyone that someone is at the door. Michael enters, dressed as Santa. Lauren is overjoyed that her husband has made it home for Christmas after all. Amber confesses to Daniel that she is hopeful that Kay will invite her over for Christmas, since they have become friends. Cane (Daniel Goddard), Esther, Kay and Jill share dinner at the G.C.A.C. They are all happy to be spending the evening celebrating Cane’s birthday and Christmas as a family.

The Young and the Restless
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