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PART I: Neil chats with Devon (Bryton) and Lily about Thanksgiving plans and suggests they have their dinner at the Athletic Club. Lily opines that it won't make them forget about Dru so home it is. After David interrupts with a complaint about Nikki being ordered to make a loan payment, Neil announces he would like to invite Karen to dinner that night. Lily goes along and wants Sharon (Sharon Case) there as well.

PART II: Karen offers to bring her favorite dish to share but Lily was going to make all of her mom's favorites. Karen then overhears Lily badmouthing the idea of inviting her to Thanksgiving and later lies to Neil (Kristoff St. John) that she can't come because of her mom. Gloria decides that she must trick Jeffrey into falling in love with her and comes up with an excuse to visit him in his hotel room again.

PART III: After she confesses she's attracted to him, the two kiss but when he invites her to spend the night, she backs off. Once she leaves, Jeffrey tries the "tainted" cream and feels it burn him. As Nick argue with his mother that Victoria's baby be saved, Dr. Webb tells them and Victor (Eric Braeden) that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) could go into renal failure and says make a decision about saving the baby or their daughter.

PART IV: Meeting David (Vincent Irizarry) in the cafeteria, Nikki signs the legal documents and is touched when he surprises her with gifts for her and Victoria. As she hugs him, Nick spots them. David then tries to force Neil to rescind the loan payment demand. Nick asks his mother about her feelings for David. Nikki will only say that she and Victor will never be husband and wife again.

Victor tells Dr. Webb to deliver the baby. As she's prepped for the O.R., Nikki argues with Victor about what Victoria would have wanted.

The Young and the Restless
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