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When Nikki bemoans to David (Vincent Irizarry) the under-performing sales at Clear Springs, he hints that he could ask his ex-wife about investing though his marriage ended because he slept with Carmen. Nikki remarks that she's involved with a man who cheated on his wife.

Episode Guide: Y & R (Part I)

At the prison Michael advises his client that her appeal was denied. When she complains that it may be time to hire a new attorney, Michael promises to keep fighting but adds that her only recourse now is the State Supreme Court. After he leaves, Michael takes a call from Jack who blasts him for the failure. Michael points out that Phyllis would not be in prison had it not been for Jack's secret actions. Jack then visits Phyllis and worries when he finds Chaplain Anderson, the same person he used to deliver his father's signed will when he was incarcerated. Nick finds his mother playing with Summer and discusses her divorce from his father.

Episode Guide: Y & R (Part II)

Phyllis is curious to learn Jana has access to the Internet since she has not been convicted of a crime. Jana then meets with David who she sent for. She asks him to get in contact with Carmen's family because she's ready to make amends for killing her. When David wonders why she killed her, Jana admits that Carmen saw her steal the portfolio from Victoria's car and claims that she wants to spend the rest of her life helping people. Michael informs Jack, Nick, Victor and Nikki that if they can present Phyllis as being vital to the success of the Clear Springs project, they might be able to get her out of prison daily on an experimental work release program. When Nick tries to tell Phyllis, she's outraged that he allowed Nikki time with Summer. At the Crimson Lights, Paul invites Heather out to dinner with him and Maggie. Heather admits her father abandoned her as a child.


After chatting on the phone with Macy's parents Heather later confronts Adrian (Eyal Podell) and states that the parents denied giving him the Leaning Tower of Pisa figurine as a gift. Adrian then claims Macy left it on his classroom desk before she died.

The Young and the Restless
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