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After the failure of Michael (Christian LeBlanc), Jack updates Daniel about Phyllis' lost appeal and his desire to hire an attorney to take the case to the State Supreme Court. Sharon invites Nick to co-host Cassie's benefit. Nick agrees but when Jack doesn't like the idea, Sharon suggests that they hold it in Jack's casino.

Episode Guide, 10/15 (I)

Jack loves the idea even though the place isn't open yet but Nick isn't so sure about helping Jack in anyway. Jack gets a call that the ethics commission hearing has been postponed indefinitely. Jack's thrilled and after he tells Sharon (Sharon Case), she advises Nick who suggests they go up to take an early look at the casino. As Amber waits on them at the Crimson Lights, she's not happy to see Cane chatting with Heather and trying to get her buddy Maggie to leave. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) arrives with his bad news about his mother. He takes an upset Amber out to shoot hoops.

Episode Guide, 10/15 (II)

They're interrupted by Heather and Cane who wants to show Heather his skills on the court. Heather ends up hurting herself, thanks to her high heels so Cane plays the hero and helps with her injured leg.

Meanwhile, Daniel takes a call from Jana (Emily O'Brien) who has dialed on behalf of his mother. Daniel asks Jana to tell Phyllis that they are doing their best to get her out. Later, Phyllis gets into trouble when she complains about the warden's recent directive about time spent in the prisoner day room. Amber slips away, and after a call about reserving some time to record her demo, she goes into Ji Min's former hotel room to retrieve the money from the vent.


She returns to the basketball court and finds Cane (Daniel Goddard) kissing Heather. Maggie confronts Jack and accuses him of being the last person to leave Ji Min's hotel room. He denies harming the dead man but Maggie asks how his dog's hair got on Ji Min (Eric Steinberg).

The Young and the Restless
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