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The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part I (10-4)

At the Athletic Club gym with Karen, Neil invites Cane to dinner, much to Lily's delight. Lily steps away from the table to call Colleen with an update and is told to calm down and relax. When Devon takes a call, Neil announces no calls during dinner. After dinner, Devon (Bryton) asks Lily why she's interested in Cane.

Sharon (Sharon Case) flirts with Jack but he lets her know he's not in the mood for romance. She refuses to give up and comes on to him again only to decide later that she's actually in the mood for something to eat. Reminded Noah is gone for the night, the two end up having sex downstairs.

The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part II (10-4)

Meanwhile, after leaving a message for Sharon, Brad calls a reporter to leak that Nick is going after Senator Jack's wife. Talking to Michael about the cream Jeffrey has, Gloria decides to seek Kevin's help in getting the bottle away from William's brother. Kevin refuses and suggests that she hire someone to break into the man's room and steal what she needs. Jeffrey questions Jill about his brother's most recent investigations and she leaks that he was looking into some tainted skin cream that might have been an "inside job." Gloria calls Jeffrey to offer him something she has from his brother but offers to exchange it for the skin cream.

The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part III (10-4)

Lying that he doesn't know if he has it anymore, Jeffrey actually has two bottles. Meeting Gloria, Jeffrey gets a call from his attorney who reports that Gloria is rightfully William's only heir. Gloria is pleased when he hands over the skin cream in exchange for Michael's book of poetry. He asks her not to give away any of his brother's other things and later eyes the real skin cream bottle. In spite of his warning to back off, Gloria shows off to Michael the jar of skin cream she received from Jeffrey.

And yet he wonders if it's the correct bottle...

The Young and the Restless
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