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David informs Nikki that Victor owns the drilling and mineral rights to Clear Springs, so it doesn’t matter if Nikki succeeds there or not, he’ll still make a fortune. Nikki confronts Victor about his plan for Clear Springs.

Episode Recap

Victor’s furious at her for flaunting her relationship with David in front of him. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) tells Victor that she never married him for his money, she fell in love with him for the man he was. They think back on all the good times they’ve had together, but neither one reaches out for the other person. They agree that they’ve changed too much over the years to reconcile, and that they will start their divorce proceedings.

Amber can’t stand watching Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Heather’s date at the coffeehouse.

Across the room, Cane suggests going to the GCAC for dinner so that he doesn’t have to be around Amber. Amber and Cane are both shocked to see each other at the GCAC. When Colleen and Lily arrive, everyone is surprised all over again. J.T. prepares the arrangements at the B&B, where he’s going to propose to Victoria. Victoria arrives at the Clear Springs B&B. She gazes around the room that J.T. has set up with candles.

  • He presents her with a box of her favorite perfume and they kiss. Later after dinner, Victoria receives a text message. When she reads it she shrieks, seeing that it was from J.T. asking her to marry him.
  • Victoria is shocked. They make a list of the pros and cons of getting married, and realize that they get along perfectly and love each other so much.


J.T. presents her with a citrine ring, which will be the baby’s birthstone. Victoria tells J.T. she’s superstitious with anything having to do with the baby, and will put it on after the baby is born.

J.T. is ecstatic that she is saying she’ll marry him.

The Young and the Restless
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