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The Young and the Restless, Part I (10/8/07)

At the club, Maggie chats with Paul about Ji Min's murder and admits that Jack is the most likely suspect. Cane gives Paul the name of Joe Bottington, the manager up at Clear Springs who may be ripping them off. Victor (Eric Braeden) confides in Neil about his divorce. When Neil reports that the amount of methane gas underground at Clear Springs is larger than they first thought, Victor calls it a bigger profit.

Nikki asks Victor to keep their divorce a secret so that it won't affect her business.

He agrees for now but only for the sake of the children. Nikki rushes to see David and admits they need cash. He asks her to get an extension on the loan from Victor but he refuses.

The Young and the Restless, Part II (10/8/07)

Nikki calls Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to let her know that David is coming up to the project.

Later, David meets Joe in a restaurant, unaware that Victoria and J.T. are in a nearby booth. Jack's upset when a reporter calls for a comment about Nick and Sharon kissing. Daniel stops by the prison to visit his mother and upsets her with the latest tabloid story about "the kiss."

Both agree that Brad must behind the leak to the media.

Victor warns Nick that this story about the kiss may affect his ability to get Phyllis out. Nick accused Brad of planting the story and they argued until Neil (Kristoff St. John) stopped them.

Brad later watches at the club as Jack kissed Sharon in front of a host of reporters and photographers. Maggie then asked Jack to come down to the station house and he claims he won't talk without his lawyer.

The Young and the Restless
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