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Told a dog's hair was found on Ji Min's body, Maggie questions Jill about her ex-boyfriend. Jill claims he was highly allergic to dogs. Jack warns Kay (Jeanne Cooper) that there may be a deal made regarding his troubles and warns her to act innocent and cooperate or else Jabot will be in trouble.

With Kay and Sharon by his side, Jack meets with Heather and offers to answer all of her questions as long as he's not charged with fraud. He asks for her decision by tomorrow. Back at home Heather and Maggie arrive and accept his offer and then pester him with questions.

  • Sharon is stunned when Jack explains he met Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) on the day he died and threatened to have his family evicted from property he just bought if Ji Min didn't cancel his interview.
  • After he denies harming Ji Min and is shocked to hear bruises were found on the dead man, Fisher the dog enters and Heather and Maggie take their leave.
  • Meeting Paul later, Maggie leaks that she grabbed some of Fisher's hair.

Hearing her daughter got a great score on a mid-term, Neil invites Karen to come home with him to celebrate with his family. After Cane (Daniel Goddard) surprises Lily with a book on Australia for school, Devon leaks to the Aussie that she's using the "homework" as a ploy to get close to him. At home, Devon complains when he learns Karen will be partying with him and Lily.

When Karen arrives wearing one of Dru's old hats, the kids are disgusted.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) mentions that he donated all of his wife's many hats to a thrift store and she admits that's where she bought hers. Though she offers to leave, Neil insists she stay. When she later spills ice cream on the cards they're playing, Karen decides that's enough and, after handing Lily the hat, she leaves. Once she's gone, Neil blasts Devon and Lily for their childishness and orders them to get out.

The Young and the Restless
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