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  • As she's given breakfast, Phyllis asks the prison guard if she can make a phone call.
  • Refused, Phyllis asks for a stamp for a letter, but is told to buy one at the prison store.

Episode Guide, Part 1

When she complains she has no money, Phyllis cries out for her attorney after she realizes she'll have to wait to be assigned a job to earn some cash. Noah asks Nick and Sharon if he can call Phyllis but when Nick calls the prison, he learns that Phyllis can't receive any calls.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) calls Michael about accompanying him to the prison for a visit and Noah's upset that Nick won't allow him to tag along.

When they arrive at the prison, Nick claims to be co-counsel with Michael in order to get in to see her. Phyllis is forced to think fast when she spots Nick and wants to kiss him.

After the guard leaves, Nick and Phyllis kiss passionately.

Episode Guide, Part 2

Told about the stamp problem, Michael offers to speak with the warden but after his efforts fall far short, the warden receives word that the "attorney" with Michael is Phyllis' husband. McQueen has the guards toss him out, boasting that Nick is banned from the prison.

Maggie interrupts Paul and Kay to report that it looks like Ji Min fell and that they have found no evidence that anyone was involved with his death. Later, she suggests to Paul, off the record, that Ji Min's death looks staged.

Meanwhile, Jill advises Carter the reporter that there is a tape that proves Jack was illegally involved with Jabot but she doesn't know where the tape is now. Kay interrupts and after Carter leaves, Jill vows to let everyone know about Jack's secret scheme.


  • Getting calls from Kay and Carter, Jack tells them both there is no tape just as Victor advises Jill there is none.
  • Later, everyone watches as the tape is played.
The Young and the Restless
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