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The Young and the Restless Guide, Part 1

Nikki confronts Victor about the tape and accuses him of leaking it to the media. Victor ignores her accusation and when she reminds him that today is their anniversary, he claims he's not celebrating it this year.

Admitting he's seen it before, Jack guesses to an angry Sharon that Victor (Eric Braeden) gave the tape to the press. Nick stops by the Abbott mansion to pick up Summer and thanks Sharon for taking care of the baby and agrees to take Noah as well.

He refuses to talk about his visit with Phyllis other than to groan.

The Young and the Restless Guide, Part 2

When he offers his help to Sharon and makes a rude remark about Jack's troubles with the press because of Ji Min, Jack (Peter Bergman) suggests that he take care of his own wife. Nick and Jack exchange words about who is in more trouble because of their morals. He brings the kids back to the tack room and tries to avoid telling Noah about his meeting with Phyllis.

Michael confides in Lauren about what happened at the prison so she stops by with cupcakes for Nick and the kids. Nick bemoans what they're facing for the next six years. Lauren joins Michael for dinner but then decides to leave town to go help her mother who has broken her hip.

The Young and the Restless Guide, Part 3

Meanwhile, Nick returns to the Abbott mansion to complain about their son living with a criminal. Sharon points out Noah's friendship with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and announces that there is going to be no change in the custody arrangement.

After Michael warns Kay to tell the truth, just not all of it, Jack, Kay and Nikki hold a press conference at Jabot and deny the accusations suggested in the tape. Jack claims the tape is a phony while Kay insists all she has done over the years is legal.

Victor advises them that the Senate Ethics Committee is going to investigate Wisconsin's newest Senator.

The Young and the Restless
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