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Michael tells Gloria that unless Amber finds a way to pay back her portion of the missing money, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Daniel will go to jail as well.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide: Part I

Amber is conflicted and trying to decide what to do with the money, when her bad side finds its way out; Bad Amber tries to convince Good Amber to keep the money for herself. Daniel comes back and Amber tells him she didn’t find the money.

Kevin calls and tells them Michael wants to meet all of them at the GCAC.

Gloria decides to give Amber a loan for her share of the missing money. Amber turns down the loan because Gloria is only doing it for Kevin, not for her. Daniel does his best to convince Amber to take the loan while Kevin does what he can to convince Gloria to give Amber the money, instead of loaning it to her.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide: Part II

Gloria refuses, and says she knows Amber has the money.

Amber returns to the room for the money, to find Carson waiting for her. Amber kicks Carson out and Gloria arrives, offering to give her the money without a loan. Noah asks Jack why someone would lie about the tape recording and Jack covers saying someone just wanted to hurt him because he is a politician.

As Jack is explaining to Noah, John’s ghost appears.

Back at home, Sharon expresses to Jack her disappointment in him for lying to Noah as John’s ghost sits in the background putting in his two cents as well. David (Vincent Irizarry) gives Nikki a silver card holder for the key card to his hotel room. Victor and Nikki have a confrontation at the gym that Victoria witnesses.


Once Victor is gone Nikki tells Victoria that she is done with Victor, because at least David treats her as his equal. Nikki and David finally make love. While David is in the shower, Nikki remembers her life with Victor and nearly calls him.

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