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Nick tells Victoria about what Victor (Eric Braeden) said to Phyllis, and the deal he tried to make with her. Victoria is appalled that Victor wouldn’t try to help out his family if he has the clout to do so with the prison system.

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Later, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) tells Nick that her relationship with J.T. is the real deal, and Nick reveals that he’s fallen in love with Phyllis all over again.

Victor tells Nick that he put in some calls to see what he could do about Phyllis getting parole. J.T. discusses his fears about his relationship with Victoria to Paul, saying that one of these days she’s going to realize that she can do better, and leave him. Karen invites Neil to dinner to try her home-cooked pot roast.

Noah’s principle calls Sharon and tells her that Noah was in a fight and has been suspended for two days for trying to defend Jack’s honor with some kids at school.

When he comes home, Jack sits Noah down and admits to all his wrongdoings, saying that he has scheduled a press conference for later today to publicly apologize for them.


Noah eventually accepts Jack’s apology, saying that he’s glad that Jack is going to tell everyone the truth about how he messed up. Later, they watch in horror as the leaked tape of Jack and Ji Min’s conversation plays.

The Young and the Restless
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