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J.T. hands Victoria a tape of a song he wrote and asks her to play it for the baby so it can hear his voice, even if it's Brad's. Jill tells Kay she's going to have every computer examined to find out how the video of Jack and Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) was made. Meanwhile, Kevin panics when a computer technician asks for the computer to examine and he realizes Gloria brought in his laptop which he hasn't "scrubbed" yet.


Kevin hides the laptop in his pants.

  • As he and Gloria try to leave the building, they run into Kay and Jill (Jess Walton).

Gloria's quick-thinking allows them to leave safely. When Kay asks Jill why she's so insistent on getting the computers checked now, Jill admits that she and Ji Min got a little frisky in the office so she fears there may also be an XXX-rated video in the hands of the computer hacker. Jeffrey interrupts Kevin and Gloria's dinner to admit that his brother had a premonition about his death and that he sent him a package that contained a signal from his brother.


Gloria worries when he mentions William also sent him a bottle of the Jabot skin cream. Daniel asks Kevin if he hacked into the Jabot computers but Kevin lies that he wouldn't do such a thing. Talking to Sharon about who might have been responsible for the video, Jack calls Paul and asks for a meeting. Daniel arrives and he advises Jack that he doesn't think that Kevin would do anything to hurt Jabot.

  • Traci interrupts and announces she is leaving.
  • Jack thanks her for coming and her support.


Hearing his office was "swept" and no bugs were found, Jack asks Daniel to have the Abbott mansion done as well. Paul calls Jack back and claims he doesn't work for crooks. Daniel later calls Jack and reverses his opinion from earlier and admits he thinks Kevin is responsible but can't prove it.

The Young and the Restless
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