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Part One

During her jail processing, Phyllis grows continually frustrated, concerned about Summer and hating that she can’t call to find out how she is doing. Phyllis uses her one phone call to call Nick, but he doesn’t answer.

Part Two

She calls Michael but is frustrated when he tells her he’s not at the hospital, and when he left he hadn’t yet heard anything new about Summer.

Logan tells Nick (Joshua Morrow) that Summer’s fever has broken, which means she’s doing better. When the warden leaves the room, Phyllis dials Nick and learns that Summer is doing better.

Part Three

She hangs up the phone when she realizes the warden saw her make the call. Amber calls Michael, panicking, saying that she went to Ji Min’s suite room and found him dead, then Jill walked in and freaked out.

Cane tries to comfort a sobbing Jill. Kay enters and also tries to comfort Jill, saying that she was wary about Jill’s relationship with Ji Min, but never wants to see her daughter in this much pain.


When Amber (Adrienne Frantz) gives her statement to Heather, she says that she was visiting Ji Min because she thought he stole the missing thousands of dollars. Jill collapses, sobbing, in the hallway when she sees the coroner taking Ji Min’s body away.

The Young and the Restless
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