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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Sharon's not pleased when Jack announces he's found a house for them without her input. He assures her if she doesn't absolutely adore it, the he'll back out of the deal. Sabrina confides to Victor that while she wants to tell Victoria about their growing relationship, she's afraid to do so.

When Victoria arrives, Victor asks her to find a building that they can use to house his art collection. Adam approaches Jack about business but then reveals that he doesn't want Phyllis involved because Nick has a problem with it. Revealing Nick's out in L.A., Jack warns him again about working for Victor.

Out on the West Coast, Felicia offers to show Nick the town. When Chloe, Lily and Devon arrive for the photo session, Lily takes a break because she feels sick to her stomach. She claims it's because of the travel. Felicia flirts with Nick some more so he asks to see Eric and turns down a dinner date with her. Phyllis lets Michael know that she thinks his lawsuit against Jack is "frivolous."

When she returns to the office and sees Adam, he quickly decides to leave.

She makes a point of it but he ignores her. Looking over Nick's building, Sabrina and Victoria decide that the empty first floor will be a great place for the foundation's art exhibit though Phyllis reminds them of the animosity between Nick the owner and Victor the possible renter.

Sabrina later advises Jack about their desire to rent the first floor and then tells Victor.

When she reminds him that Nick owns the building, Victor boasts that he holds the mortgage after secretly buying the note from the bank. Jana tells Kevin that she wants Gloria at their wedding.

Gloria advises Jeffrey that she's going to have their marriage annulled and suggests that Alistair will be her witness. She invites Michael, Jana and Kevin to the mansion.

She then calls Jack to invite him and Sharon too. When everyone gathers, Gloria announces that Jack can have the mansion and instructs him to rip up the court order because she's moving out.

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