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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Lily shares with Cane about Neil’s disappointment in her. Neil explains to Karen that Lily is pregnant. Then Neil asks Karen if she would raise the baby with him. While Lily tries to decide whether or not to keep the baby, Cane assures her that he is ready to raise it.

Jill asks Chloe to get Lily to a doctor as soon as possible. When Adam makes a mistake with Beauty of Nature, Victor wonders if he made the right decision taking it away from Victoria. Later, Adam calls a friend in New York to try to catch up on his trip.

Phyllis playfully welcomes Nick back from Los Angeles. Moments later, Sabrina arrives to discuss renting the bottom floor of the warehouse for Victor’s collection. Nick agrees to rent Victor and Sabrina the space. Victoria is furious when she learns that Victor owns the building where Restless Style is held.

Victor assures her that he did it to protect Nick. Phyllis informs Nick she needs to fly to New York tonight for business, as Adam prepares to leave for his trip as well. Phyllis and Adam learn they will be in New York at the same time. Victoria is completely thrown when Sabrina confesses to her that she is involved with Victor.

Angry and hurt, Victoria throws Sabrina out of her house. Victoria calls Nick, hysterical and he rushes to be with her. Victoria fills Nick in about Sabrina and Victor’s affair and also that Victor owns the mortgage on the warehouse. Nick is shocked on both fronts.

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