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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

As Nick rants to Nikki about all the things Victor has done, Felicia suddenly arrives and invites them both out to dinner. Nikki turns her down but Nick agrees to join her and reveals that Phyllis is in New York.

Victor and Sabrina run into them. Nikki pulls Victor aside and blasts him for what he's done to their son. She also complains about who he is dating but he counters with a remark about David.

When Adam boasts to Victor about all that he's been doing, Victor urges him to take time off.

Adam then interrupts Nick and Felicia. After introducing himself, he mentions New York and Felicia asks if he'll be with Phyllis. Later, Nick tells Felicia who Adam is.

Once Nick leaves, Adam returns to Felicia and guesses that she's attracted to Nick.

He adds that he's got a "business" relationship with Phyllis and admits that if he does see Phyllis in New York, he's going to tell her he saw Nick with Felicia. Sabrina calls Victoria to talk but Victoria won't answer her phone. J.T. finds Sabrina at the ranch and points out how much she has hurt her "best friend."

Reminding her how short a time she's known Victor, J.T. insists that she stop bothering his wife. Victoria worries what Victor will do once he finds out that J.T. was lecturing Sabrina. Jeffrey blasts Gloria after he catches her with Alistair but she orders him to get out.

Taking her room key, Alistair leaves also but returns to leave some flowers and a note for Gloria. When he accidentally leaves the door ajar, Jeffrey sees his opportunity and enters the hotel room.

He spots the flowers and reads Alistair's love note for Gloria who panics when she emerges from the bathroom and finds Alistair in her bed and Jeffrey lurking.

She kicks both men out. When Sabrina tells Victor that she doesn't think she can stay there anymore, he urges her to change her mind. Nikki's not pleased when she takes a call from David's bookie about a poker game.

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