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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Victor complains to Victoria that she's upsetting Sabrina.

She counters that he betrayed her by having an affair. Victor denies that it's an affair. As he leaves, he runs into Nick who claims he's there to try to help Victoria who is upset because of him.

Victor states that he doesn't care that his children think he's hurting them.

Later, Nick reminds his sister of how unfeeling their father is. After he kisses Felicia goodbye, Victoria compliments Nick on how he manages to woo advertisers for the magazine.

Feeling lonely, Jack calls his sister and asks her to come home. Revealing Jack's attorney called about a settlement, Michael advises Lauren that he won't offer or accept one.

As Alistair refuses to tell Jeffrey what went on between him and Gloria last night, Gloria interrupts.

Jeffrey announces their phony marriage is over. Alistair thanks Gloria for last night but she runs off. Alistair then meets Jill and warns that Jeffrey is attracted to Gloria and curious about her.

Jill asks for proof that Jeffrey wants Gloria and when she backs off, he gets her interest again by revealing that Jeffrey claimed he had the power to put her behind bars. Jeffrey tells Michael that he's divorcing Gloria.

Later, when Michael tells Gloria that Jeffrey's interested in her, Gloria is curious. She also convinces Michael to consider whether he should move ahead with the lawsuit against Jack.

Jeffrey asks Jack to let Gloria move back in and claims he originally intended to swindle Gloria but fell in love with her instead. Jack refuses to let her move back in.

When Nick runs into Sabrina downstairs in the art museum space, he warns her about what kind of man Victor is. Victor hints to Adam that he has an "expanded role" for him when he returns from New York City.

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